SMART HOME Home Automation Can Help Set the Valentine’s Day Mood

Soft, romantic lighting and a sexy tune on the stereo: it’s a surefire way to set the mood for a romantic evening with your Valentine.

Rather than race around the house to adjust a slew of light switches and frantically search for the remote that’ll get the music set just right, impress your sweetie with home automation by having the house ready as you step over the threshold. It’s a tactic that most custom electronics professionals mentioned when asked what they’ve done in the past for clients looking to spark some romance at home.

Many of the following scenarios involved the use of a home control system and the respective app that allowed the homeowners to evoke “romance” by tapping an icon on the screen of an iPhone or iPad. Some ideas also involved the use of a special button on a remote control or touchpanel. If you already own, or are planning to invest in a home control system, ask your CE pro to program a special Valentine’s Day (or any other day the mood strikes) setting. Consider these:

  • This works best for a bachelor or bachelorette. After learning what type of music your date likes, activate that particular playlist (rock ballads, salsa tunes, etc.) on your way home from dinner from your smartphone. Of course, you’ll need to have the playlists already preconfigured in order for this to work. –Todd Puma, The Source Home Theater, New York, NY
  • Same client as above: Using a smartphone, lower the temperature of the house so that your date may want to cuddle to warm up. –Todd Puma, The Source Home Theater, New York, NY