Showroom Strategy

This industry has gone back and forth on the value and benefit of having a dedicated showroom for ages. It used to be that you had to have a showroom to allow clients to hear different speakers, see the TV in person, and experience the awe of the home theater. Then e-commerce happened and the […]

Searching for Streaming Audio Solutions

Just like most of you, we are constantly re-evaluating the products we sell and support. We’ll go for a long time with a solution and then things change either with the product, the company, or with our product mix and clientele. Just the other day, I was on the phone with my friend Mark Feinberg, […]

Rewarding Clients for Rewarding You

Looks like this is the week of talking about client referrals and rewards. I had come up with my blog idea over the holidays and then was so surprised to see that our good friend Henry Clifford had a very similar idea last Thursday! The great news is that I think our pieces go hand in […]

Integrator Weighs Up The Pros and Cons of Amazon Alexa as Failure Rates Climb

2016 was undoubtedly a big year for all things voice command, the star of the show being Amazon Alexa, which is now compatible with a plethora of home automation devices, many of which launched at CEDIA 2016. In fact, with Alexa voice activation integration announcements being announced left, right and centre, Amazon became one of the show’s main talking points.